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Sometimes Toronto surprises me. The city has a reputation of being fairly uptight, self-satisfied and more than a bit arrogant. But every now and then a little something shakes loose and we get a glimpse of something really wonderful beating behind the Hogtown façade. This is one of those things:

I’ve been by Type (883 Queen Street West) a few times but haven’t had a chance to stop in. I’m thinking it’s about time I do, especially if I can manage to hide out until after closing time.


And we’re over-run by the zombie hordes, I want to be on this guys team.

Wonder if Kirk Cameron would like to share a slice.

Yeah, I know I haven’t been posting a lot.  OKAY! I haven’t been posting at all. In my defense, this new job is really taking it out of me and I’ve had some health issues to deal with. Nothing serious, but they still need to be addressed. Hopefully I’ll be back to blogging regularly in September.

In the mean time, here’s The Princess Bride, with cats!

It’s Just Some Random Guy never fails to entertain. See what happens when he turns his jaded eyes towards the Twilight and True Blood franchises.

Hope there’s a sequel! You can watch more Random Films on You Tube.

…would be to blast her into space, but this isn’t a bad alternative.



Two amateur astronomers, Anthony Wesley in Australia and Christopher Go in the Philippines independently spotted a meteor strike on the surface of the planet Jupiter

According to Heidi Hammel of the Space Science Institute in Boulder Colorado, the impact has all the markings of a Jovian ‘bolide’ impact.

This is the second time a large object has been documented slamming into Jupiter’s surface within a year. The first occurred on July 19, 2009. Coincidentally, that impact was also witnessed by Anthony Wesley (he needs to buy me a lottery ticket ;)) Both impacts caused an Earth sized fireball to explode into the atmosphere.

That’s right kiddies, that little blip you’re seeing in right side of the frame is the size of our planet. Kinda makes you feel rather small doesn’t it. Maybe I don’t need to diet after all.

According to the National Geographic, scientists are gearing up to study the latest strike:

Scientists are now racing to get professional and amateur astronomers to train their telescopes on the gas giant to see what kind of scar will be left behind by this latest impact and hopefully what kind of object hit the giant planet.

Experts believe the collision should produce a dark debris field in Jupiter’s clouds—similar to the previous impact site—which may become visible over the next few days.

“We don’t know if there is a dark site yet, since this appears be a small impact,” Hammel said. “We are working on getting telescopes around the world in gear for followup work, including the world’s largest telescopes and [the] Hubble” Space Telescope.

So, if you’re an amateur astronomer or if you know of one, this could be your chance! Get those telescopes trained on Jupiter. Hopefully, it isn’t little green men looking for a site to launch their invasion of Earth. Good Luck!

Watch the skies!

Via: National Geogrphic, Gawker

I love the above statement! It gives me shivers when I consider where Universal Dead might go, which seems to be right into Day of the Dead territory.

Doug Jones has made his first appearance as the cuckolded and slightly unhinged Dr. Vataber, whose wife is now the subject of his experiments on the undead.

The other thing that I’m enjoying is the semantics surrounding the undead or the infected, as CDC representative Dr. Macavoy (Gary Graham) likes to call them. It reminds me of the arguments that first surrounded the AIDS epidemic (and yes, I’m old enough to actually remember that) and continues to swirl when discussing it’s cause.

The film is directed by Vernon Mortensen and written by Kelly Parks, both of whom have been in the military, as were most of the crew. Interesting, considering in these scenarios, the military is usually portrayed in a less than stellar light.

This is definitely one to watch.

Apparently the Dyson Engineering Team sets up obstacle courses for balloons.

Turns out all you need to amuse an engineer is a balloon and some fans. I’ll keep that in mind the next time my sister visits.

Via: Buzzfeed