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Scott BakulaOkay, not really, and I have to admit that I haven’t been following Chuck since the middle of last season, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m super excited to find out that Scott Bakula has been added to the roster of guests at Wizard World Comic Con this April 14th to the 16th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (yay! new venue!).

Scott will be joining Jeri Ryan, Amy Acker (FRED!), Sean Maher, Paul Wesley (at least he doesn’t sparkle) and a slew of others at this years Comic Con.

Keep your eye on the Wizard World Comic Con site for more announcements and schedule of events.

Guess I better get off my butt and get caught up on the last season and a half of Chuck.

And I still think Chuck’s dad is alive!


Sometimes Toronto surprises me. The city has a reputation of being fairly uptight, self-satisfied and more than a bit arrogant. But every now and then a little something shakes loose and we get a glimpse of something really wonderful beating behind the Hogtown façade. This is one of those things:

I’ve been by Type (883 Queen Street West) a few times but haven’t had a chance to stop in. I’m thinking it’s about time I do, especially if I can manage to hide out until after closing time.

Anime North, 2010 - May 28 - 30It’s Anime North 2010 this weekend at the Toronto Congress Centre, Doubletree Hotel and Sheraton Toronto Airport.

Wow! They’ve really expanded this year!

Guests include John Swansey, Christopher Ayres, Greg Ayers, Brittney Karbowski, Micah Solusod, Vic Mignogna, Steve Bennet, Ben Dunn and performances by Gavin Goszka, Douglas Tong and Eikostate.

The event started at 1:00 PM this afternoon and goes until Sunday at 5:00 o’clock. Highlights of the weekend include the Otakubaloo Rave on the TCC patio tonight at 6:00 PM, Super Street Fighter IV on Saturday at 9:00 am and an Art Auction on Sunday at 10:00 AM. Check out the schedule for more details.

If you are driving along Dixon past the venues be prepared for slower traffic as people slow down to ooggle the cos-players.

Also, if you are planning to attend, but don’t have your ticket yet, Anime North organizers posted the following notice on their website:

There is a group online who claim they have purchased “bulk” Anime North memberships and are now reselling them at discount prices, giving them out to people outside the con on Friday. This is a scam, and they are giving people counterfeit badges.

Anime North is taking anti-counterfeiting measures on the convention badges this year. If you do NOT get your badge from us, it’ll clearly be a phony, you will not be allowed into the convention, and you will have wasted your money.

Please be careful how you purchase your tickets.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend this year. But I will drive by with the kidlets to check out the cosplayers. DH says he’s going to get his costume ready for next year… wonder what it’ll be.


Whedon Fest, October 1st - 3rd, 2010, TorontoWhedon Fest is coming to Toronto!

The con will take place on October 1st through the 3rd at the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Centre!  Starry Night Events, the company who is organizing the Whedon Fest describes the event as

…a 3 day unofficial convention to celebrate all that is Whedon. The convention will feature guests and events from Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse. We will be celebrating the Joss ‘verse. The unofficial convention will comprise of guest talks, autograph and photograph sessions, charity auction, contests, a Saturday night dance, and more!

Nicholas BrendonTheir first guest announcement was made today and it’s a doozy: Nicholas Brendon, aka Xander Harris, will be attending the con. There’s no word as of  yet as to which events he’ll be taking part in.

This is the first event Starry Night will be putting on, so I hope it goes well for them. No word yet as to whether they’ll need volunteers and they are still updating their events list but I’m going to keep an eye on the event and keep you updated.

Anyone else interested in attending?