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Doug Jones aka Dr. Vataber in Universal DeadI’m pretty sure the answer is yes, especially if you are a zombie in the  Universal Dead web series.

I received an email from the guys behind the camera of UnDead – Vernon Mortensen & Kelly Parks with some exciting news:

Unconventional Films – creator of UNIVERSAL DEAD – is completing discussions w/ Paramount Lot Producers, Fishman Productions, Ltd., on a Full Length Feature version of their highly successful horror web series. An official announcement is anticipated during Comic Con where UD will be the featured Project at ICON’s Saturday July 24, 2010 Event. UD Talent will be at Comic Con for signings and to meet their avid fans.

UD writer Kelly Parks indicates “I can’t wait for fans to see the whole story!” Director Vernon Mortensen said, “Fishman Productions has the highest integrity and has really earned our respect.” FPL Executive Producer, Jeff Fishman, admits being “blown away by the connection fans feel for “Universal Dead” and the Full Length Feature Script Kelly has written”. The Full Length Feature script is still under wraps and Fans are hoping for some teasers during Comic Con.

AWESOME! Congratulations guys! That’s great news. Wish I could be at ComicCon to hear the announcement.

BTW Vernon, when’s the next installment of Universal Dead coming out? Hmmmmm…..?

Universal Dead: Episode 1 | Episode 2


I love the above statement! It gives me shivers when I consider where Universal Dead might go, which seems to be right into Day of the Dead territory.

Doug Jones has made his first appearance as the cuckolded and slightly unhinged Dr. Vataber, whose wife is now the subject of his experiments on the undead.

The other thing that I’m enjoying is the semantics surrounding the undead or the infected, as CDC representative Dr. Macavoy (Gary Graham) likes to call them. It reminds me of the arguments that first surrounded the AIDS epidemic (and yes, I’m old enough to actually remember that) and continues to swirl when discussing it’s cause.

The film is directed by Vernon Mortensen and written by Kelly Parks, both of whom have been in the military, as were most of the crew. Interesting, considering in these scenarios, the military is usually portrayed in a less than stellar light.

This is definitely one to watch.

Well, it’s official! The Summer Movie Season is here!

It’s Just Some Random Guy has just posted his first I’m a Marvel and I’m a DC parody. If you haven’t seen these before, or just feel the need to fall on your butt laughing, check the rest of IJSRG’s genius parodies.

PS. I love Deadpool.

I’ve mentioned previously that I really enjoy short films.

Short time frame + emotional impact = AWE

It’s also a great way for people with loads of talent and originality to generate some attention for bigger projects.

This latest gem comes from Ricardo de Montreuil, a Latin film maker based out of Peru. He’s been making waves in TV and film with his work for a while now, most notably his film La mujer de mi hermano, which garnered the largest release and the highest opening box-office gross ever for a Latin film in the US.

Summary: Chris Black possesses a power that could lead to the destruction of the current regime, and they will stop at nothing to destroy him.
The chase is on as Chris runs for his life in this sci-fi thriller set in an alternate and futuristic Los Angeles.

The Raven's director: Ricardo de MontreuilA little derivative I’ll grant you, but I get the feeling that there’s more to this than meets the eye.  The buzz  surrounding this film is reminding me a little of the industry noise generated by District 9 this time last year. Oh, guess how much it cost to make it? $5,000 US. That is pretty impressive in and of itself.

I’m hoping that de Montreuil will go the same route as Neil Blomkamp (Alive in Joburg – 2005, District 9, 2009) and Shane Acker (9 – 2005, 9 – 2009) who took their shorts and expanded them into a feature length films.

There are rumors that this is the first in a series of short films, but I haven’t been able to confirm that yet.

Keep up to date as to what’s happening with The Raven on Facebook.

Movie makers to watch

I love short film.  There’s something spectacular about watching a narrative brought to life within a very short time period.  It’s like a coffee break for the imagination, and I find that I’m often more intensely affected by something screened within a brief time span than a 2 1/2 hour opus on film.

That’s why I like the projects that Ridley Scott Associates (RSA) put together from time to time, like the Parallel Lines films that the team did Philips Electronics. These are all gorgeous films inspired by the same 6 lines of dialogue, each with a unique vision and sensibility.

Yes, you can be cynical and grouse about art being used to to promote consumer goods, but wouldn’t it be nice if all advertising were this gorgeous and thought provoking?

At any rate, the best one of the bunch is The Gift by Carl Erik Rinsch who has been tapped by Universal to direct both 47 Ronin and The Creature from the Black Lagoon.  If The Gift is anything to go by, those films are going to be amazing.

While The Gift is an beautiful piece of cinema, my personal favorite is El Secreto de Mateo by Greg Fay.  I just love the tenderness between the brother and sister.

I haven’t found much information about Fay aside from his affiliation with RSA, but I’ll be keeping an ear open for any projects he’s attached to.

If you know an up and coming film maker, there is a contest affiliated with the project. Entrants have to create a short film using the same brief as the other Parallel Lines directors. The winner will be chosen by Ridley Scott and will receive a Phillips home cinema system and the chance to work at one of the RSA film offices for a week as well as some other amazing prizes (as is working for Ridley Scott isn’t amazing enough).

And this seems like a great excuse to post my favorite RSA US shorts, The Drive, Episode 7 – Ticker with Clive Owen.

Without this series of films we might not have had The Guild or Doctor Horrible.