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True Blood - Night CapMuch better – nice, simple and clean. It seems that the True Blood posters are going the way of the Star Trek sequels, every other one is a dud.


More True Blood goodies! They are really ramping the promotions up, but I wish they would do another video like they did last season with Bob Dylan’s Beyond Here Lies Nothin. That was fun.

So, what do you think? Is that Alcide, or Debbie?

…’cause vampires suck on me!

Vamp Stamp - True Blood Poster No. 8Love it!

True Blood  Do Not Feed the Shape ShiftersThis one got a good giggle. I love the retro feel of the image. It’s kind of Mad-Men-ish.

Fill ‘er up!

True Blood - Get Your FillMuch better!  I love the nod to the water cooler conversation.  Although I think it would be better if the level on the blood cooler was slightly lower than that of the water.

Get your Gleek on!

Lots of great Glee news today…

First up, there’s a new promo for the back 9 episodes.

Cue the great Sue Sylvester one liners! Hello Goodbye is one my favorite Beatles tunes and I’m so glad to see them covering it.

Next, it’s Gleek Week over at Fox.  They have a bunch of promos and ways for fans to get their Gleek on, including hysterical quotes for Twitter and Facebook updates.  Check out the details on the Fox website.

Gleek EventsAlso on April 7th, the Glee cast will be appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show.  Check your local listings for that info.

Don’t forget that the open casting call for Season 2 auditions is still ongoing for US residents only (you know Ryan Murphy, there are plenty of talented people in Canada as well).  Check out the Glee MySpace page for more info.

The promotion campaign for Iron Man 2 is ramping up to the May 7th opening date.  And so far, I’m undewhelmed.

The first piece is the launch of the Stark Expo 2010: Better Living Through Technology viral site.  Viral campaigns are tricky to get right.  You have to provide enough supportive content for whatever it is that you’re promoting, but not overwhelm the product – in this case, a movie.  In other words, you have to whet your audience’s appetite for the main event.  The best example I can think of is the District 9 viral campaign – MNU’s official website, the anti-MNU blog and the MNU recruiting site. All these websites gave you a taste for the lives of the characters inhabiting the film, the world they live in and allow the  user to experience a piece of that world first hand.

Stark Expo 2010 does none of those things.  You get a countdown clock to the movie release, a couple of promotion videos (okay, the retro video is kinda cute), some design concepts of the buildings and a layout of the facility with sponsorship logos.  And why do I get the feeling we’ll be bombarded with product placements for Burger King, Dr. Pepper and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups throughout the movie? I really, really hope they do more with the site than this – maybe Ivan Vanco can hack it or something.  There are a lot of possibilities, most likely we’ll see a website from Hammer Industries soon.

Next, we have new posters:

The “Will He Pull Up in Time” Version The “Crap! We Forgot Mickey Rourke! Version

Iron Man poster - version 2.0

Iron Man poster - version 2.1

Floating heads? Over the shoulder, come hither looks? Feathered edges?  What is this? 1995? UUUUGGGGGG!!!!

Then there is this little treasure: Which looks a lot like this treat, from last summer:
Iron Man 2: Black Widow G.I. Joe

Jon Favreau, you deserve better. Your movie deserves better marketing than this BS. C’mon Paramount, this is an major movie event, your designers should be pulling out their A games.

And before anyone asks, yes, I can frakking do better.

I mentioned in an earlier post that there are going to be 12 promo poster for Season 3 of True Blood. Here’s the latest:

Vampires in Louisiana Freedom?Meh.  I think it’s a little pedestrian.  Not as clever or tongue in cheek as the previous effort. Personally I think it should be VILS.

All in all, I’m still feeling pretty sanguine about the rest of the campaign.

True Blood - Cup o' JoeThis made me squee like a Twi-Hard finding a lock of Robert Patterson’s hair.

Not only is it a poster for the best TV show on cable (see what I did there Gleeks?), but it’s so bloody clever! (ugg!  Sorry!) It’s exactly the type of wordplay that I love to see. I would kill to work on this campaign, it looks like it would be a lot of fun.  I probably would come back from work with enough puns to beat my DH into submission.  There are going to be twelve of these promo posters in all.  I can’t wait to see what comes next.

I also have two new production videos, one starring Sam, the other starring Eric.  Can’t wait to see Alcide!  I also hope they keep up with the music videos.  The two from last year featuring Bob Dillon and Depeche Mode were fantastic.

This provokes a lot of questions, like who is holding the rifle?  Is Sookie pointing the gun at Eric or at the person attacking Eric.  What is Eric up to anyway?  Why is Sam sleeping in his car?

Season Two is available on DVD/BlueRay on May 25th and the the new season premieres June 13.  Check out the new site.