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Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Live in Calgary!Cow-town has managed to snag the first professional production of Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

Hardly surprising when you consider Doctor Horrible is trying to join a gang of supervillains lead by Bad Horse, the Thoroughbred of Sin.

There are even singing cowboys!

Neil Patrick Harris was even willing to take part in the production, but unfortunately scheduling conflicts mean that Jon Lachlan Stewart will be taking over the role of Billy/Doctor Horrible. No word yet if Edmonton native Nathan Fillion will reprise his role as the pompous Captain Hammer or who will play the role of our  plucky heroine, Penny.

Presented by Broadway West Productions, Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog will run from May 27th to June 5th at the Vertigo Studio Stage. There are still some tickets available although more than half are already gone. You can get them at the Broadway West Presents website or by calling 403-221-3708.

Get them soon. We don’t want to cause a stampede!

Via: The Calgary Sun


Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along GameIt’s done!

Doctor Octoroc’s 8-bit tribute to Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is finished.

For those who haven’t been following, this is basically an 8-bit graphical version of the original internet serial. In other words, if Whedon had done Dr. Horrible as a Nintendo game  instead of a series of short films, this is probably what fans would have got.

Put together, all four videos clock in at about 30 minutes. As someone who has worked in Flash, that’s a ton of animation work, and it is so well done. Congratulations.

The first two parts can be found on the good doctor’s You Tube channel. Here’s part three, in two parts, on You Tube:

Check out Dr. Octoroc’s other projects.

These were a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see what he tackles next. Maybe full length feature films?

I love Nathan Fillion.  I’m so glad Castle has been renewed for another season.

Oooh, this has my little fangirl heart racing…

Doctor Horrible by Cheyenne WrightAccording to Neil Patrick Harris, the sequel to Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog will be a FEATURE FILM!

“That’s their plan. I don’t know of what scale. They’re talking all options, because they made the first ‘Dr. Horrible’ in five days on no budget at all — that was its intention.

“You don’t want to necessarily make the feature film be an $80 million giant movie, because it defeats the purpose of what the first film was made to be,” he explained. “Then again, you don’t want it to be so low-brow that it’s not worth paying money to see as a movie.” Check out the rest of the interview at MTV News.

Can you say SQUEEEEE!

Of course, nothing is set in stone.  All the principles are very involved in their own projects: NPH with How I Met Your Mother, Nathan Fillion with Castle, Felicia Day with The Guild and Red.  Never mind that Joss is currently working with Eliza Dushku developing a feature movie of their own. Availability is going to be a big stumbling block to getting this off the ground.

But I have faith.  It will get done and it will be awesome.

PS.  The totally awesome graphic of Dr. Horrible (post Penny) was drawn by the fantabulous Cheyenne Wright – he of the buttery man-voice.  He’s also the colorist behind the phenomenal Girl Genius comics by Phil and Kaja Folio.  You need to check out his work at Arcane Times Concept Art Blog.  If you’re looking for Dr. Horrible Inspired wallpapers, look no further.

Micheal Trucco on CastleLooks like Michael Trucco, aka Sam Anders of Battlestar Galactica is going to be visiting another high flying space adventurer’s show.

Michael will be guest staring on Castle as a new love interest for Kate Becket, played by Stana Katic.  It’ll be fun to see a new foil for Richard Castle (aka Nathan Fillion).

I’m looking forward to their verbal sparring.  This is going to be fun!

ETA: I didn’t know Michael was cast in V.  He’s playing a John May, founder and leader of the Fifth Column resistance movement.  His first episode will air April 13th.  Given that his Castle character is in for the final four episodes and will return next fall, I have to wonder what all this means for V.  I haven’t heard if it’s been renewed yet.  Curiouser and curiouser…..