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Happy Mother's DayI love Mother’s Day. I love seeing the expectation in my children’s eyes when they give me one of their meticulously decorated “gummy lumps” that they’ve worked so hard on at school.

Gummy lump you ask? A gummy lump is a treasure, made by childish hands. Robert Fulghum came up with the concept in his book “All I Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”:

What I’m talking about here is something I think of as the gummy lump. Once it was a shoebox, decorated and given to me by the oldest child. Then it became a repository of other relics of childhood given to me by the younger children. The shoebox became my treasure chest in time….

Anyhow, this shoebox isn’t looking too very good now. It’s a little shriveled and kind of moldy where the jelly beans and gumdrops have run together. It’s still sticky in places, and most of it is more beige than red and white. If you lift the lid, however, you will begin to know what makes me keep it. On folded and faded and fragile pieces of large-lined school paper, there
are words: “Hi daddi” and “Hoppy valimtime” and “I lov you”…. Glued to the bottom of the box are twenty-three X’s and O’s made out of macaroni. I’ve counted them more than once….

The treasures of King Tut are nothing in the face of this.

Have you got something around the house like a gummy lump? Evidence of love in its most uncomplicated and most trustworthy state? You may live a long, long time. You may receive gifts of great value and beauty. You may experience much love. But you will never believe in it quite as much as you believe in the gummy lump. It makes your world go round and the ride worth the trouble.

Happy Mothers DayEnjoy the weekend Moms! I hope you get pulpy orange juice, burnt toast and too sweet coffee and a slightly soggy newspaper for breakfast on Sunday.  I hope you get home-made Lightsabers, hand-drawn comic books and time to play Halo with your kiddies. I hope you get the best Mother’s Day gift of all, a lot of love.

See you on Monday!


Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 1Guess what hubby brought back from his trip to the library?

Star Wars – The Clone Wars. The Complete Season 1!

Guess what I’m going to be doing this weekend?  Review forthcoming!

How does he love me?  Apparently, quite a lot.


There are times, quite often it seems, that I find myself questioning my sanity. Most often this happens after I’ve spent time in the bosom of my loving family.

Like tonight at dinner for example:

TreeElfkin: How does a tree get on the internet?

DH: I *wood* not know.

Me: *shudder*

Elfkin: It *logs* on!

Family: Gales of laughter

DH:  Who knew trees were *branching* out into the Internet!

Me: *shaking head* Stop.

DH: You want me to *leaf* it alone?

It went on like that for 10 minutes.

I’m going to go find a padded room now.

My husband has a tendency to work late into the night – such is the nature of contract work.  This would be perfect for him.

Workaholic Pillow

The Workaholic Pillow

We all know real workaholics never rest, and now their secret is out: the Workaholic Pillow! Workaholic Pillow is a cushion hiding in book shelf.

Anyone have $70.00 spare?

Link: http://www.geekstuff4u.com/workaholic-pillow.html

Sailor Moon

I was out shopping the other day and needed some new undies.  Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I hate boring underwear.  My unmentionables are usually brightly coloured with what can only be described as ‘bold’ graphics on them.  No boring little white bikini panties for me, no way!  Normally this isn’t a big deal, my favorite store displays their undies on these big tables, colour coded according to style and you just pick and chose which ones you want.

No big deal, right?

Well, this time, I had my husband with me.  Now, DH is as big a geek as I am.  In fact, I would say bigger.  He certainly has a better developed punning ability.  So imagine my embarrassment when he hands me a pair of navy panties, with an anchor motif and says:

“You could wear these and nothing else.  Then you could be Sailor Moon!”

It’ll be a little while before I can show my face in that store again.