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Hugo Weaving as Red SkullHugo Weaving has been confirmed as Captain America’s arch nemesis, The Red Skull!

YES! The cool quotient on this film just went up significantly.

Hopefully that Tommy Lee Jones rumor will also turn out to be true.

Production begins this summer in London. Captain America: The First Avenger is slated to open July 22, 2011.

Via: Entertainment Weekly

Interesting Casting Rumor

Tommy Lee Jones to join Captain America?This sounds intriguing. UGO is reporting that Tommy Lee Jones is close to joining the cast of Captain America.


Not sure how reliable that is, considering Jones has signed on to reprise his role as Agent Kay in Men in Black III: Did We Really Need This Movie?

Frankly, I would much rather see him in the Captain America movie despite my reservations. He would certainly bring a lot of cred to the production and I would love to see him going head to (shiny, red) head with Hugo Weaving. That could potentially be a lot of fun.

The question is (after you ask yourself if this could be a lot of bull) what role should he play? Potential characters include: Dr. Abraham Erskine the man who invented the Super Soldier Serum, some as yet unnamed head of the Super Soldier Program (Operation Rebirth), or could he be Bucky Barnes, 60 years later if they don’t kill him off?

T’will be interesting. I’ll keep you updated.

Sebastian Stan as BuckyRemember a few weeks ago, when I was bemoaning the slow pace Joe Johnston was taking in casting Captain America, I evaluated the list of potential Steve Rogers.  One of those candidates was Chance Bass, and while I didn’t think he could cut it, I did suggest he get the role of Bucky, Cap’s WWII sidekick.

Well, it seems I wasn’t far off, because another Gossip Girl alum has just been offered the role.  According to EW, Sebastian Stan, who plays Carter on the show, has been offered the role and has reportedly signed a 5 or 6 movie deal (a lot, until you consider Chris Evans contract involves something like 8 movies in total) with Marvel.

I don’t know about this. I’m still not sold on Chris Evans as Captain America, and frankly, Stan looks to be about the same age as Evans.  In the comics, I always got the impression Bucky was the plucky teenage sidedkick to Cap’s more experience adult hero.  But I have to admit, Hugo Weaving brings a lot of cred to any project so I’m not willing to give up on this yet.  I will remain optimistic.

It’s official….

Chris Evans IS Captain AmericaIt’s official.  The role of Steve Rogers, aka Captain America has been offered to Chris Evans, formerly of The Fantastic Four movie franchise.

According to both Entertainment Weekly and MSNBC, Evans was offered the role this afternoon, even before director Joe Johnson auditioned the final two candidates. If Evans accepts the role, he will sign on for a three movie deal. The news however has yet to be confirmed by either Marvel or Paramount.

So, there you have it.  Not an absolutely horrible choice, but still not the one I would have made.  I would have loved to see a fresh face in the Marvel universe and I have my doubts Evans will be able to go toe to toe with Downey, but we’ll see.  I’m willing to give him and Captain America the chance.

Besides, with Hugo Weaving in the movie, how bad can it be? Yeah, famous last words.


Lots of interesting stuff going on with this over the last few days.

Ryan Phillippe or Channing Tatum as Captain America

There still hasn’t been any announcements concerning the casting Steve Rogers/ Captain America and I’m still feeling really frustrated by the entire situation, but according to Entertainment Weekly there are some new contenders in the mix:

Today’s rumor mill throws G.I. Joe’s Channing Tatum into a mix of 20-something-year-olds that include the known, Ryan Phillippe, Fantastic Four’s Chris Evans; the semi-known, [snip] Cloverfield’s Mike Vogel, Gossip Girl’s Sebastian Stan; and the unknown, Young and the Restless’s Wilson Bethel.

I think looking at Ryan Philippe or Channing Tatum is moving things in the right direction.  I still don’t think either actor looks old enough to play Cap, but they don’t look like they should be worrying about what to wear to the prom either.  Of the two, I think Philippe is the better actor, but he’s only 5’9.  Steve Rogers is 6’2 according to Marvel.com.  I know they can make him look taller, but wouldn’t it be easier just to hire an actor who is already that tall?  You know, (shameless plug) Alexander Skarsgard is 6’4.

As for Chris Evans, he was the best part of the Fantastic Four, so why not keep him for a spot in the Avengers movie instead?

Sebastian Stan / Wilson BethelSebastian Stan and Wilson Bethel are unknowns to me.  I don’t watch Gossip Girl or Young and the Restless so I don’t know anything about their abilities to play the role. I do think Stan looks a bit skeezy to play All-American Steve Rogers and Wilson needs to get some serious sleep.  Neither one of them do it for me.  Besides, as I’ve said in a previous post, and echoed in the EW piece, do you really want to cast an unknown to go toe to toe with some of the best actors in the business for not one, but two movie franchise?

I think that’s a lot of pressure to put on an inexperienced actor, especially when you consider the next piece of casting news.

It seems l like Joe Johnson has chosen the actor to play the villain of the piece – Red Skull will be played by…

(drum roll please)

Hugo Weaving as Red SkullHUGO WEAVING!

Well, at least according to The Hollywood Reporter, Weaving is in talks to play the role.

This makes me *very* happy.  Weaving will have a tough job to sell this character through what is sure to be either through tons of latex and makeup or digitally, both of which we know he’s perfectly capable of doing after seeing V for Vendetta.

He also knows how to play a character who is completely maniacal, over the top, charismatic evil without ever sinking into parody.

Besides, you have to admit there’ s a certain cranial similarity as well. He is going to do a fantastic job.

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter