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Creepy Cute Crochet

Isn’t the Grimm Reaper adorable and couldn’t you just cuddle Cthulu to death!


And we’re over-run by the zombie hordes, I want to be on this guys team.

Okay, just when you think you know where Universal Dead is heading, director Vernon Mortensen and writer Kelly Parks rip the steering wheel out of your (trembling) hands and makes a sharp left turn into the unknown, most likely a cornfield.

After this episode, I’m left wondering where the hell we’re going to end up? The only guarantee I have is that the ride to is going to be anything but predictable.

Did I see what I thought I saw at the end of episode?

The series just keeps on getting better and better. And for once, someone is addressing some of the burning questions that I’ve had since I saw Night of the Living Dead – does a zombie poop? (give me a break, I was twelve). But, from a biological perspective, if the circulatory system doesn’t work, why would the digestive system? How does a zombie derive nutrients from the flesh it consumes? Why does it have to be human flesh? Can a zombie become constipated?

These are subjects that I don’t think George Romero has ever dealt with.

To use thermodynamics and physics as a whole to answer these questions is bloody brilliant! My physicist husband was practically salivating. Not only did the writers use plausible science to drive the story, they actually got it *right*!  If it wasn’t for the cannibalism and the profanity, he could use this episode of Universal Dead to teach a senior Physics class.

The flatland theory described by Dr. Vataber (Doug Jones) has been around for at least 100 years – Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions was written in1884 by Edwin Abbott Abbott and was described by Isaac Asimov as being “The best introduction one can find into the manner of perceiving dimensions.” It’s been made into several short movies over the years, but it’s nice to see the theory taking front and center in a horror film.

This has me wondering what exactly is the training regimen for the U.S Navy?

Kudos go to Vernon, Kelly and the rest of the crew. The series keeps on getting better and better. Viewers are definitely kept on their toes. Special hat’s off also to Doug Jones for some great comedic timing and especially to Valerie Perez for eating that leg with such gusto. I’m not sure I want to know what it was made out of, but she seemed to enjoy mowing down on it a bit too much.

I can’t wait for the next chapter.

Doug Jones aka Dr. Vataber in Universal DeadI’m pretty sure the answer is yes, especially if you are a zombie in the  Universal Dead web series.

I received an email from the guys behind the camera of UnDead – Vernon Mortensen & Kelly Parks with some exciting news:

Unconventional Films – creator of UNIVERSAL DEAD – is completing discussions w/ Paramount Lot Producers, Fishman Productions, Ltd., on a Full Length Feature version of their highly successful horror web series. An official announcement is anticipated during Comic Con where UD will be the featured Project at ICON’s Saturday July 24, 2010 Event. UD Talent will be at Comic Con for signings and to meet their avid fans.

UD writer Kelly Parks indicates “I can’t wait for fans to see the whole story!” Director Vernon Mortensen said, “Fishman Productions has the highest integrity and has really earned our respect.” FPL Executive Producer, Jeff Fishman, admits being “blown away by the connection fans feel for “Universal Dead” and the Full Length Feature Script Kelly has written”. The Full Length Feature script is still under wraps and Fans are hoping for some teasers during Comic Con.

AWESOME! Congratulations guys! That’s great news. Wish I could be at ComicCon to hear the announcement.

BTW Vernon, when’s the next installment of Universal Dead coming out? Hmmmmm…..?

Universal Dead: Episode 1 | Episode 2

I love the above statement! It gives me shivers when I consider where Universal Dead might go, which seems to be right into Day of the Dead territory.

Doug Jones has made his first appearance as the cuckolded and slightly unhinged Dr. Vataber, whose wife is now the subject of his experiments on the undead.

The other thing that I’m enjoying is the semantics surrounding the undead or the infected, as CDC representative Dr. Macavoy (Gary Graham) likes to call them. It reminds me of the arguments that first surrounded the AIDS epidemic (and yes, I’m old enough to actually remember that) and continues to swirl when discussing it’s cause.

The film is directed by Vernon Mortensen and written by Kelly Parks, both of whom have been in the military, as were most of the crew. Interesting, considering in these scenarios, the military is usually portrayed in a less than stellar light.

This is definitely one to watch.

Felicia Day and James MarstersOh this is completely SQUEE-worthy!

FanExpo Canada has announced its guestlist and it can only be described as *EPIC*!

As you have probably already guessed, Joss Whedon luminaries Felicia Day and James Marsters will be appearing at the con. I’ve heard that they are both a lot of fun and very generous to their fans. No word yet as to whether they’ll take part in autograph and photo sessions, but I’ve got everything crossable, well, er, crossed.

Other guests include:

  • William Shatner
  • Joan Collins
  • Adam West
  • Burt Ward
  • Julie Newmar
  • Peter Facinelli
  • Michael Dorn
  • Peter Mayhew
  • Sendhil Ramamurthy

That is quite the list. And that’s only for the Sci-Fi part of it. The Festival Fear Horror Expo is just as epic with David Cronenberg, Ken Russell, Lance Henrikson, Heather Langenkamp, and more. Not to be outdone, Comic Book Expo has booked Stan Lee, Gary Frank, John Romita, JR., Olivier Coipel and Steve McNiven.

PHEW! There is something for every brand of geek/fan/nerd etc…

DH is looking forward to all the steampunk seminars. I want to go to the Q&As.

FanExpo Canada will be taking place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, August 27th to the 29th.

I’m so excited. See you there!

This looks interesting…

I’m not a big fan of the zombie genre – Zombieland is about as horrific as I get, but this looks interesting. Seems they’re going to be examining people’s reaction to seeing a loved one turned into a walking dead.

Besides, Doug Jones is always fun to watch. I hope he plays a disturbed medical genius who secretly believes that zombies are the next step up the human evolutionary ladder.

I’ve been wanting to blog about the new movie, The Human Centipede – First Sequence for a while, but never came up with the right angle.

At last, here it is.

I have found a way that for maker of the film, Tom Six, to convince me to actually see this dreck. It’s simple really,  replace the human actors with Gummi Bears!

Yes! Ed Lewis, aka fungus amungus, has perfected the art and science of Gummi Bear Surgery and has created the most bizarre and shocking procedures and creatures:

Gummi Bear Surgery - Limb Transplant

Limb Transplant

Continue reading

Two big events are being hosted by the Toronto Public Library.

Under Heaven - Guy Gavriel KayThe first, at 7:00 pm on April 15th The Toronto Reference Library will be hosting world wide launch of Guy Gavriel Kay‘s newest novel, Under Heaven. Kay will be be presenting a reading from his new novel that draws its narrative inspiration from the Tang Dynasty of ancient China.  Under Heaven tells the story of Shen Tai, who is finishing his 2 years of official morning for his father among the dead of last great battle between the imperial Kitai and Tagur.  As he prepares to return home, he receives an extraordinary gift from a surprising benefactor.

Guy Gavriel Kay is one of my favorite authors.  I think his novel Tigana is my favorite book ever. No one makes me cry like this man.  Even after more than 10 readings, I am an emotional wreck after finishing the Fionavar Tapestry and have not yet forgiven him for killing of Diarmud.  Hopefully I will be able to keep my ire under wraps for the reading.

I’m planning on asking if there is any interest in making his novels into movies.  If not, there will be a copy of Tigana mailed off to Peter Jackson the next morning.  😉

You can get more details here.

Tanya HuffThe next event,  Vampire Fantasy: why are vampires the hottest idea in fantasy fiction? panel will be held at The Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation and Fantasy on Friday, April 23rd at 7:00 pm.  The panel will be hosted by Chris Szego and will feature writer extraordinaire, Tanya Huff, author of the Blood Books (and perennial favorite, Summon the Keeper series).  Guests will be discussing the current resurgence and popularity of the Vampire in pop culture.

This should be fun.  Wonder if I have time to make up an ‘Austin Lives’ t-shirt?

More details here.