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I’m just getting caught up on all the True Blood goodness that came out over the course of this last week. First, here’s the latest promotional poster

Sam and his little sisterSecond, we have the latest minisode, this time starring our favorite southern gentlevamp, Bill Compton

Next is a clip of Sookie confronting Eric about Bill’s disappearance. Six hours and he still scopes out Sook’s cleavage… TWICE!

And finally there are some leaked photos of Sam and Bill experiencing a little of the same temptation as Sookie and Eric through their blood bond….

Bill and SamOoooh, steamy! I know a large portion of the viewing audience is going to be excited about this.

Are you?


Yahoo has got the first of the Drop of True Blood mini episodes up on its site.

All these shorts are written by Alan Ball, features the main cast members and are meant to bridge the gap between Season Two and Season Three.

The first one features Pam and Eric auditioning dancers for Fangstasia. The process is so painful that the only way to survive is for Eric to channel Sue Sylvester and wearing one of her track suits.

Fangtasia Auditions - This is wrong on so many levels
Fangtasia Auditions - Will the pain never end?Fangtasia Auditions - Make it stop!Fangtasia Auditions - This looks promising.
I love these because you get Pam being her awesome self and a real glimpse into her relationship with Eric, which is one of the best things about the books.

Enjoy the complete video and let me know what you think!

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Mea Culpa

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last week.  I’ve been trying to get out from under a really rotten bout of insomnia and get caught up on my design contracts, so I’ve been concentrating on that over the last few days. I’m happy to say I’m almost completely back to where I should be and I hope to be back posting a lot more regularly tomorrow or Friday.

So, as an incentive for you all to forgive me, here are a couple of new photos of Alexander Skarsgard courtesy of Vman Magazine.

Alexander Skarsgård - VMAN Magazine

Alexander Skarsgård - VMAN MagazineSo, are we good?

Via: Vman Magazine


There is no need for words.

*Le sigh*

The next issue of Details comes out on April 13th. Check out an excerpt of the interview at Entertainment Weekly.