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Alternative histories are big right now. It started with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and has now morphed into a new literary genre that includes Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, Elinor and Marianne Dashwood, the March sisters, Henry VII and even Abraham Lincoln as protectors against the hordes of supernatural marauders.

Well, time to add Franklin Delano Roosevelt to the mix. Somehow he found the time while authoring the new deal and fighting the Axis to kill werewolves for fun. Oh, the Axis *was* comprised of werewolves. It all makes sense now.

 Warning: A bad word or two

Starring Barry Bostwick as FDR, Lin Shaye as Elanor and Ray Wise as General Douglas McArthur, better known as Dougie Mac.

And as an added bonus, here’s the one-sheet for Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter


Sometimes Toronto surprises me. The city has a reputation of being fairly uptight, self-satisfied and more than a bit arrogant. But every now and then a little something shakes loose and we get a glimpse of something really wonderful beating behind the Hogtown façade. This is one of those things:

I’ve been by Type (883 Queen Street West) a few times but haven’t had a chance to stop in. I’m thinking it’s about time I do, especially if I can manage to hide out until after closing time.

This should clear things up:

Via: Geeks are Sexy

And we’re over-run by the zombie hordes, I want to be on this guys team.

Episode One of the fourth season of The Guild is UP!



Since we left our intrepid heroes, Clara has decided to wear a squid on her head, Vork wants to build a guild hall, Zaboo is avoiding his Mom-Monster and Bladezz is flipping burgers at a fast food joint. Worst of all, poor Codex has the guilts over her night of hot monkey sex with Fox (aka Wil Wheaton), the leader of the Axis of Anarchy, the rival guild that nearly destroyed the Knights of Good last season.

To make matters worse, poor Codex’ desktop computer has gone down in a blaze of glory. Is it a sign to give up her budding relationship with Fox or a simple warning of worse to come?

We shall see…

As soon as some kind soul posts the epi to YouTube, I’ll get it up here for all to see.

It’s Just Some Random Guy never fails to entertain. See what happens when he turns his jaded eyes towards the Twilight and True Blood franchises.

Hope there’s a sequel! You can watch more Random Films on You Tube.

TV UniversityAnd how in Hell does one chose a major?

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I love it! Can-con from the Muppets.

Extra Geek-cred available if you tell me where the Statue of Liberty and Karaoke hail from.

Talk about making one feel old! PacMan turns 3o today! I remember playing it when PacMan just came out! I remember it as being ‘revolutionary’! Heck the whole concept of Ms. PacMan was revolutionary at the time. A video game starring *gasp* a girl?!?

PacMan for Google

Happy 30th Birthday PacMan!At any rate, Google decided to mark the occasion with a doodle as they’ve been doing since 1998 to commemorate special occasions. But WHAT A DOODLE!

The PacMan Google Doodle (try saying that 3 times fast!) is actually interactive. Launched at 11:oo AM today,  Google has swapped out the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button with an ‘Insert Coin’ button which starts the game if you don’t want to wait for it to automatically start after 10 seconds. You then can use either the mouse or the arrow keys to navigate your way through 256 levels of PacMan. That’s right, they didn’t just do one screen, they did all 256 levels of the original game, including the garbled kill screen.

Designers built the doodle using a combination of Flash, HTML JavaScript and CSS.

There’s even an easter egg. Let me know if you find it.

The doodle is available for 48 hours only and can be played on your PC as well as the iPad (surprisingly given the current situation between Adobe and Apple) and some smart phones, including Apple’s iPhone 3GS and the Palm Pre.

Have fun.


They can’t afford ‘old baldy’. Data is a wacky uncle. Worf is the dog! They adopt more alien children than Angelina! PERFECT! Get Hollywood on the line!