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Creepy Cute Crochet

Isn’t the Grimm Reaper adorable and couldn’t you just cuddle Cthulu to death!


It’s a beautiful thing….


This should clear things up:

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We all know that George Lucas is perfectly willing to pimp out Star Wars to all and sundry, but I’m beginning to think he’s gone too far.

To ‘celebrate’ the release of The Phantom Menace’ in 3D (why? I have no idea), he’s allowed France’s / Benelux’ fast food chain Quick to create and market a Jedi Burger and a Dark Vador Burger.

No, you read that right, DARK VADOR!

What do these Force injected nummies look like?

Oh God! Make it stop!Do not adjust your monitors, you’re seeing it right. That’s a pitch black burger bun.  Nothing screams ‘Delicious’ like a bun that’s indistinguishable from a charcoal briquet.

And guess what? There’s also the Dark Burger just in case the Dark Vador is too emo for you.

No, please stop!

Dear Gods, please make it stop! Next thing you know, Quick will announce that’s the patties are made with bantha fodder.

Whatever happened to collectible cups?

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Episode One of the fourth season of The Guild is UP!



Since we left our intrepid heroes, Clara has decided to wear a squid on her head, Vork wants to build a guild hall, Zaboo is avoiding his Mom-Monster and Bladezz is flipping burgers at a fast food joint. Worst of all, poor Codex has the guilts over her night of hot monkey sex with Fox (aka Wil Wheaton), the leader of the Axis of Anarchy, the rival guild that nearly destroyed the Knights of Good last season.

To make matters worse, poor Codex’ desktop computer has gone down in a blaze of glory. Is it a sign to give up her budding relationship with Fox or a simple warning of worse to come?

We shall see…

As soon as some kind soul posts the epi to YouTube, I’ll get it up here for all to see.

It’s Just Some Random Guy posted his 100th VIDEO this week.

If you haven’t seen any of these before, the videos started as a spoof of the PC/Mac commercials using Marvel and DC characters. These shorts evolved into two serial movies, After Hours and Happy Hour. In the serials, the action centers around the adventures of all the major DC and Marvel heroes and villains as they kick back and relax at Stan’s Place, a super hero bar owned by Stan Lee. The characters also comment on the state of their movie franchises and parody other popular summer movie offerings.

What’s so surprising about these videos is the amount of emotional depth IJSRG is able to generate using nothing but action figures. I dare anyone to to watch Twas the Dark Night Before Christmas and not tear up just a little.

When not making parody videos, It’s Just Some Random Guy and Girl are creating promotional videos for various Comic Cons (and the Ontario PGA Golf Merchandising Show – HUH?).

If you are a comic fan, it’s worth the time to sit down and watch these videos. These are great stories filled with stellar character moments – my favorite being  Green Goblin busting out singing Summertime. Even if comics aren’t your thing, pop some popcorn and settle in for a great ride. I promise you will bust a gut laughing.

I hope the series goes on for a long time. Keep up the good work and again, congratulations!

The action continues with Zero Hour.

Have a great day Geeks! Enjoy your day!

As an informal May 25th poll, what kind of geek are you?

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So, how are you going to celebrate? I think I′m going to catch up on some old Doctor Who′s that I missed.

Because I know people are operating under the weight of unending confusion, I am here to ease your pain, to help you find your way.

This should make everything clear….

Which Brendan Fraser movie are you watching?Oh no! The forgot The Quiet American and Inkheart!

Will the confusion never end?

…new Red and Jonny pictures!

Looks like Jonny's in love

Could this be love?

Red and friend

At least Red has found someone to take her mind off Jonny and his new "friend'.

These two are just the antidote for a grey Monday morning.

See the rest of their photos at Red and Jonny’s photostream.

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