World of Warcraft - my elfI’ve gone and done it. I’ve been holding back for years, but I finally gave into the urge.

I signed up for World of Warcraft.

What was I thinking? Well, for one I haven’t gamed in years. I was a pretty active AD&D player back in university, I even played RIFTS and I have to admit I miss the cameradery of campaigning with a group of friends. Plus DH and I have been talking for a while about picking up a game and playing online together – we’ve been waiting for Diablo III to come out forever. At any rate, we decided on the weekend that we were sick of waiting and that we would take advantage of the free promotion that WoW is currently offering – play free for the first 20 levels.

So, not without trepidation, we both downloaded and installed the program on our respective computers and away we went.

And how did it go?

Firstly, it’s beautiful. The environment is immersive and beautifully rendered. A lot of time and energy went into designing a this world, which leads me to wish they spent a little less time on the trees and more time on the GUI (Graphic User Interface) and end user testing. The interface leaves a lot to be desired which leads to complaints about the instruction manual. They claim that usage is intuitive, but it took me about an hour to figure out how not to get killed and I still don’t know how to sell my extra swag. I couldn’t find any information on how to fight or cast spells inside the game. I had to log off and then go search for the information online. Admittedly if I had bought the beginners pack I would have had a hard copy, but I would imagine that most people would be downloading the game, so this type of oversight is really unacceptable.

As for gameplay itself, it’s alright – nothing to really write home about. There is some sort of conspiracy going on that involves my race and class, but there doesn’t seem to be an overarching story line right now. I think it’s developing slowly and while I like to know what I’m getting into thematically when I play a game, I’m willing to roll with things as they come along.

Felicia Day

It's all your fault, Felicia Day!

The thing that’s disappointing me right now is I expected more interaction between myself and other players. Maybe it’s because I’m playing the Role-Playing version (as opposed to Normal or Player v Player), but I thought I would be able to join up with other newbies and go on quests together as we figured out exactly how to play this. And because DH is a different race and character class than I am, we haven’t met up yet.

At least I hope that’s the reason…….. 😉

At any rate, I guess after seeing The Guild, I had a bit of a romanticized picture in my head about what playing an MMORPG would be like, and so far World of Warcraft hasn’t met that expectation yet but I’m willing to stick with it a little while longer. We’ll see if Blizzard get’s my hard earned coin after that I reach 20th level.

I’ll keep you up to date as to my adventures, and if you happen to be in WoW, and come across a night-elf druid named Zephyrex, make sure to say “Hi!”

I promise not to blast you.