Future UncertainSorry for the dearth of updates this week. It has simply been crazy in my house. For a change it’s good crazy as opposed to just crazy crazy.

The big news is that I finally have a new job. I’ve been out of work since November and it’s been very stressful around here for the last few months. At any rate, the new job begins on June 7th and I’ll be working for a major Canadian retailer right downtown in Toronto. I’m really excited about the position and I think it will be a lot of fun.

As for the blog, I’m going to try and keep it going, although I don’t doubt that my new employer will take a dim view of me blogging when I’m supposed to be working. What I will try to do, again employer willing, is to tweet news about interesting geeky developments throughout the day, and if they’re post-worthy, blog about them at night. So this means that most updates will be posted in the evening instead of throughout the day.

So, that’s the news. We’ll have to see where all this takes us. Hopefully there won’t be any major changes.

See you on the other side.