The New York Public Library is facing a budget cut of over $37 million – the worst in its long and storied history. This means the closure of 10 library branches, the loss of adult job search support as well as other programs, children’s programming, and a reduction of service from 6 days a week to 4.

So, when faced with a budget crisis, who do you think they’re gonna call? You got it, The Ghostbusters.

Thanks to the guys at Improv Everywhere for promoting this amazing cause.

The New York Public Library approached us about a month ago and asked if we would want to stage an Improv Everywhere mission on their property. The library is facing serious budget cuts, and they thought having us do something awesome there might serve to remind people of how great the NYPL is. We couldn’t say no to the opportunity to do something in their gorgeous, 100 year-old Rose Main Reading Room.

Improv Everywhere, you are more than welcome to come to Toronto. This city could use a shot in the arm!

I was on the board of the Kapuskasing Public Library before we relocated down south, so I know how vital they are to their communities. Libraries are not only repositories for knowledge and entertainment, but invaluable resources for people from all walks of life.

Please support your local public library.