Movie F/X don't rot the brain, really!I am a self-described special effects geek. I have been known to go to see movies simply for the FX (Transformers) or the explosions (Independence Day).

Nick Nunziata from CHUD (who I would really love to be when I grow up) has taken it upon himself to compile a list of the most cheese-tastic CGI ever put to film. His first installment is a brilliant choice, the infamous Scorpion King sequence from The Mummy Returns:

I’m at times a very staunch Stephen Sommers defender, but use of CGI is not his strong suit on his best day. This is his worst day. The character looks like he’s about forty stages from the “approved” phase with features and facial animations that Andrea Bocelli can spot the ineffectiveness of.


It’ll be fun to see where Nick takes us. What cheesy FX do you think should rip to shreds next?

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