Lara Pulver joins True BloodSookie has found her fairy godmother!

Lara Pulver, who most recently starred in the BBC’s Robin Hood, has joined the cast of True Blood as Sookie’s fairy godmother, Claudine.

I’m surprised they’re bringing in Claudine in so soon. I didn’t think she turned up until at least the fourth book, but maybe Alan Ball is moving the time lines up a bit.

I really enjoyed Claudine in the books, the woman can wield a mean knitting needle, but I’m not sure Pulver is right for the part. I’ve always picture Claudine as being well over six feet tall, but according to Lara’s IMDB profile, she’s only 5’4″.

Hardly a formidable physical presence, but hopefully they’ll work some digital magic and have her towering over all and sundry.

So, if they’ve cast Claudine, the question becomes, are they looking at for her twin brother Claude, the model/stripper/fairy? If so, who should they cast?

Via: Entertainment Weekly