Wonder WomanOkay, I agree with almost everything in this article on 10 Comic-Book-Heroines We Want in Movies. Beyoncé as Wonder Woman? That gets a big no for me. An no mention of Joss Whedon? I know I gush on him a lot, but he is the master at writing and directing strong female roles. Pop him in as either the director for any Domino or Jenny Sparks movie and I’m there faster than Zatana can say Arbadacarba!

Another area to find strong women heroines would be online. There’s a lot of untapped potential there. Personally I would love to see a Girl Genius movie. Agatha Heterodyne would make a perfect super hero. She’s strong, resourceful, smart and beautiful. But the question is, who would play her? Maybe Scarlett Johansson should look at developing the role for herself instead of trying to get a Black Widow movie made. Interestingly, Black Widow didn’t make the EW list.

I’m hoping that this is more than a pipe dream. Remember what happened the last time Hollywood was hot to trot for female action stars? We got Catwoman and Elektra.