Colin Farrell and Toni Collette have joined the cast of Fright Night

The new Fright Night remake has added two names to the cast and they’re great choices. Joining Anton Yelchin is Toni Collette playing his struggling mother and Colin Farrell as the vampire, a role originated by Chris Sarandon. Toni excels at playing maternal characters – she’s a delight on The United States of Tara and it’s always fun watching Colin being cool and suave, but please, producers, make him bathe! A greasy Jerry Dandridge wouldn’t go over well.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the role of  Charlie’s mom has been somewhat beefed up:

Collette is Yelchin’s mom, who at first disapproves of the new arrival but changes her attitude when she meets the magnetic man and — surprise — doesn’t believe her son when he tries to tell her Jerry is a vampire.

As for Jerry, it sounds like he’s going to be interacting more within the neighbourhood instead of chomping on convenient ladies of the night:

Farrell has the plum role of the vampire, named Jerry, who on the surface appears to be a cool guy but is really preying on the neighborhood.

Christopher Lee as Peter Vincent

Christopher Lee as Peter Vincent?

Now the big questions, who will be playing the role of Evil Ed, Amy Peterson and most importantly Peter Vincent. I personally think that they should ask Christopher Lee to play Vincent. It would be a lot of fun bringing the iconic, old school Dracula from the Hammer Films Charlie loves to watch to play the Van Helsing role in this movie. Who’s with me?

Fright Night is being written by Marti Noxon (BtVS, Angel, Mad Men), and will be directed by Craig Gillespie (United States of Tara, Lars and the Real Girl) for Dreamworks.

Via: The Hollywood Reporter – Heat Vision