Facsimile of Nicholas Brendan's Very Bad KoalasImagine cute, fuzzy, little koala bears doing time behind bars and going on a road trip through Hell? Seem impossible?

Not anymore thanks to Nicholas Brendan (aka BtVS’ Xander Harris). Brendan, Steve Loter (The Ren And Stimpy Show, Kevin Smith’s Clerks The Animated Series, Kim Possible) and Rafael Santiago (Veronica Mars, Friggin Fabulous Radio) are launching Very Bad Koalas, a web comic about the trials and misadventures of two koalas, Avery and Irving who wind up in jail for a crime they didn’t commit:

The koalas, Avery and Irving, are as far from criminals as they could possibly be. Wrongly accused, they break out of prison together and form an unlikely co-dependent friendship. Their bizarre adventures will take them to exotic and scary places along the highway in the “out there.” Unintentionally misguided by a hipster shaman gorilla, our heroes will encounter Amazon women elephants, Fleshies (furry animals who wear human costumes), a religious cult of highway-flattened animals, vampire turtles and a large variety of bizarre characters, each more twisted than the last. They will evade detectives, bounty hunters and their newfound fame as criminal media celebrities. They will unknowingly buy the Devil’s used “GPS system,” which will take them to different layers of hell. They’ll unintentionally start a rampage of criminal copycats in the name of Avery and Irving. They will wonder if prison is better than what destiny has planned for them.

The concept is so ludicrous it has no choice but to be fun.

A preview of  Avery and Irving has been posted on Nick Brendan’s blog, but they’ve asked that the art work not be re-posted on any other sites, so I can’t show it to you. You’ll just have to visit. (Damn lawyers!)

Very Bad Koalas launches in September. I’m definitely going to have to add this to my daily webcomic roster.