Dark Horse Comics has posted the preview for Twilight, The Final Chapter.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Synopsis: Brad Meltzer concludes his blockbuster run on Buffy Season Eight! After last issue’s climactic encounter between Buffy and the unmasked Twilight, the Slayer army’s entire mission has been altered and the true nature of the threat they face has been revealed.

Everyone is in place to confront the Big Bad once and for all as Buffy‘s most epic season races toward the final arc, written by Joss Whedon!

Uncanny X-men - Issue 138Yay! At last we can find out what is really going on. I’ve loved this series and it’s been great to see Buffy play against a larger canvas, but I’ve really felt it dragged in the middle.  The season was launched back in 2007, so we’ve been waiting on the conclusion for a while. We’ve seen Buffy struggle with the loneliness that comes from being a leader, suffer betrayals, question her sexuality, re-build her relationship with her sister, lose her mentor; it has been a wild ride. Now comes the conclusion and I have to wonder what will the ultimate result be? Will the Slayer Army continue? Will Buffy come out of this stronger or more damaged than before?

It should be good.

BTW, love the cover!  What an amazing tribute to an amazing Uncanny X-men issue.  It’s perfect, even down to the lettering at the top.

It really adds to the speculation that Buffy might leave the group and try to find her own life. She deserves it. She needs some time on her own to figure out where she goes from here. She couldn’t possibly be more isolated than she has been through Season 8.

As an added bonus, Brad Meltzer will be answering questions on his Twitter feed today only. Don’t miss out!

Twilight the Final Chapter is out today.