Batman 3 - Coming in 2012Yup!

It doesn’t have a name! It doesn’t have a script! Heck, it hasn’t even started casting yet, but we have a release date!

Christopher Nolan’s magnum opus in the Batman universe will be released on July 20th, 2012.

This doesn’t give Nolan a lot of time to complete the movie, especially considering that work still ongoing on Inception (release date: July 16th, 2010) according to

So now, the big question becomes, who is going to be the villain? Thus far, the movies have been pretty firmly based in this version of reality, with the most fantastical bad guy being The Scarecrow, and he wasn’t that unrealistic of a character. So, does this mean we’ll see a more technologically enhanced villain like Mr. Freeze (Patrick Steward, please?) or a skills based villain like Catwoman or The Riddler?

I’m sure the decision won’t be an easy one. Heath Ledger left some pretty big shoes to fill. It would be interesting to be in on the conversations between David Goyer and Nolan, trying to figure out where to take things.

Personally, I’d like to see Catwoman as she’s always been a favorite. And that leads us to the next big question: “Who to cast?” Some fanboys are leaning towards Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox, but that’s too obvious for my taste. What about Anne Hathaway or Amy Adams? Or go the completely unexpected route and cast Dianna Agron or Amanda Seyfried.

Thoughts? Opinions? Aspersions?

Via: and Entertainment Weekly