Robert Downey Jr. is the bestest.I’m not sure I’ve mentioned yet how much I love Robert Downey Jr.

I love the man. I believe he’s an incredibly inspiring person. One of the things that I love about him is his brutal honesty when it comes to discussing his life, his addictions and his brushes with the law. I can’t think of one other person who has been able to turn it around the way he did.

And the fact that he could go through so much and still come out with a healthy dose of humour about himself – he is always able to find the funny about himself and that whole horrible period in his life.

He managed to go up a notch on the FG Respect-O-Meter (patent pending) this week.  When asked if he’s had experience with superhero costumes prior to Iron Man, he responded:

“Growing up, no. But in my mid-30s in Palm Springs right before an arrest, yes.”


You rule Robert. I bow down before you’re awesomeness.

Via: People’s Top 10 Celebrity Quotes of the Week