Tommy Lee Jones to join Captain America?This sounds intriguing. UGO is reporting that Tommy Lee Jones is close to joining the cast of Captain America.


Not sure how reliable that is, considering Jones has signed on to reprise his role as Agent Kay in Men in Black III: Did We Really Need This Movie?

Frankly, I would much rather see him in the Captain America movie despite my reservations. He would certainly bring a lot of cred to the production and I would love to see him going head to (shiny, red) head with Hugo Weaving. That could potentially be a lot of fun.

The question is (after you ask yourself if this could be a lot of bull) what role should he play? Potential characters include: Dr. Abraham Erskine the man who invented the Super Soldier Serum, some as yet unnamed head of the Super Soldier Program (Operation Rebirth), or could he be Bucky Barnes, 60 years later if they don’t kill him off?

T’will be interesting. I’ll keep you updated.