The HobbitLots of reports floating around regarding the release date of The Hobbit – Part 1. MTV is claiming that we won’t be having many meetings until December 2013, while Reuters is saying that no, the party is expected to happen in December of 2012.

The confusion can be traced back to an earlier report in the Wall Street Journal that IMAX and Warner Bros. have inked a deal to release 20 movies between now and 2013. Fifteen films, such as the new Superman, Batman and Dark Shadows (directed by Tim Burton, how cool is that?) do not have firm release dates as of yet. The remaining five – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 1 & 2, Happy Feet 2, and The Hobbit, all are locked into their dates.  In The Hobbit’s case, it was slated for a December 2013 release.

Well, I guess someone forgot to mention that there are two Hobbit movies coming out and the One confirms that the first installment will indeed be coming out in December 2012.

Well, that is a little disappointing as most fans were expecting to see the movie sometime in 2011.

Peter Jackson What was disturbing me was news that Peter Jackson had just completed the second script, and handed it in for approval last week. He even mentioned in interviews that the two movies aren’t even greenlit yet. Seems the financial strife over at MGM is throwing a monkey wrench into the proceedings. Based on the announcement today from Warner Bros., it would be hard not to conclude that the movies have indeed secured financing and are slated to begin production soon.


And hopefully this means we’ll get some solid casting information coming down the pike. We all know Ian McKellan is coming back, so it remains to be seen who else will be rounding out the cast (James McAvoy as Bilbo, my precioussssss!)