Avengers AssembleGot a lot on the go today, but I wanted to share an article I found from the Wall Street Journal about why Joss Whedon is the best man to assemble the Avengers movie.

It comes down to this:

“…there is a central truth about superhero films, that Whedon obviously gets. It’s not about banter or bigger explosions or CGI or moral clarity. Superheroes aren’t better or purer than other people, they are interesting because they’re f—ed up. Maybe it’s your body or your mind or your family situation- it’s probably all three. You get to a certain moment and your body starts doing amazing, terrifying things. To the point where your can fly or turn invisible or are unreasonably good at violent behavior. You’re not exactly normal; but it’s not exactly a normal world is it?”

Hopefully the suits at Disney/Marvel are listening and will get off their fanny’s and make it official soon!