I’ve been wanting to blog about the new movie, The Human Centipede – First Sequence for a while, but never came up with the right angle.

At last, here it is.

I have found a way that for maker of the film, Tom Six, to convince me to actually see this dreck. It’s simple really,  replace the human actors with Gummi Bears!

Yes! Ed Lewis, aka fungus amungus, has perfected the art and science of Gummi Bear Surgery and has created the most bizarre and shocking procedures and creatures:

Gummi Bear Surgery - Limb Transplant

Limb Transplant

Gummy Bear Surgery - Brain Transplant

Brain Transplant

Gummi Bear Surgery - Head Transplant

Head Transplant

Gummi Bear Surgery - Tribearatops

The Dreaded Tribearatops


So, there you go, Tom. If you want to get my butt in to see your movie, substitute the actors for Gummi bears! I’m sure Dr Heiter would have more fun with these things than his human victims. They would certainly be quieter.  And your film would be that much more appetizing.

What do you think?

Via: Instructables – thanks Ed!