Metropolis - 1927 PosterLift up your hand if you *LOVE* Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.

I mean love it with a stay up until 4:00 in the morning, watching it even though it has the crappy 1984 Giorgio Moridor restoration with Bonnie Tyler, Pat Benetar, Loverboy, Billy Squier and Freddie Mercury warbling on the synth pop soundtrack, (okay, Pat and Freddie were great, but that’s it!) on City TV and they’ve burned the print, causing you to howl so loud that your mother comes downstairs to find you flinging popcorn at the TV in frustration, didn’t you watch this last week on CHCH, and oh boy are you in trouble now type of love?

Yeah, me too.

Well, good news, Kino International is releasing a brand new edition of the movie. But your probably asking yourself: “Wasn’t the 2001 restoration and release supposed to be the penultimate version of Fritz Lang’s original vision?” After all, it had restored 124 of the original 153 minutes of film and score. The rest of the original print was lost.

Well, that’s what everyone originally thought until a 16 mm dupe negative of the movie was discovered in the vaults of Buenos Aires Museo del Cine in 2008. The negative contained an extra 25 minutes of film that has not been seen since Metropolis’ premiere in Berlin, 1927.

The discovery prompted a new restoration.

Performed over the last 2 years by the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung Foundation, their work has restored all of the subplots and secondary characters to the film by returning the film to Lang’s original edit, which up in previous restorations has been based on nothing more than conjecture.

The restored version of Metropolis was released on April 25th and had it’s premiere at TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood, where it was screened to an original score performed by the Alloy Orchestra. There are no Toronto dates as of yet (c’mon Kino! How ’bout entering it into TIFF!)

The new version of Metropolis will be available on DVD and BlueRay in November, 2010, and will include the original Gottfreid Huppertz score.

The Blue Ray will be totally worth it because then I won’t have to clean up popcorn at 4:00 AM.