No to a Britney Spears centric episode of GleeAs much as I didn’t like it, the Madonna-centric episode of Glee has done phenomenally well. The episode scored tons of viewers, will be repeated on Friday and the EP is sitting on top of the iTunes chart.

So it’s no surprise that other artists want a piece of the pie. Which is exactly what I was afraid of.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Britney Spears’ manager, Adam Leber, is tweeting up a storm, trying to convince Ryan Murphy to have an all Britney episode. I can just imagine the homages in the hallway, bald heads and banana boas – just no.  And it seems like this is the general consensus on the EW boards.

The songs are supposed to support the narrative, so if one of Britney’s songs fits, I say go for it – Terry singing ‘Toxic’ for example. But leave the novelty of an episode built around one iconic artist to a once in a season special event.  It will have a lot more impact in the long run.

And just to be clear, should there be an All-Britney episode of Glee?

Via Entertainment Weekly