The promotion campaign for True Blood continues to ramp up to their June 13th Season 3 premiere.

Here’s the latest promo poster:

True Blood - Have you seen this vampire?Nice! I like the riff on the old 80’s Child Find notices.  I would also like to think it’s an homage to Lost Boys, but I’m not sure they’re that clever. Do you remember Laddie’s picture on the milk carton?

As well, there’s news that we’re going to get some extra backstory between May 2nd and the June 13th premiere.  Alan Ball has written 6 mini- episodes that will air after each season 2 encore episode that they broadcast during that time period.  Here’s the preview:

I don’t know if the episodes will impact on the main story line, given that Bill appears in at least one, I don’t think so, but it could be a nice aperitif to the new season.

I’m definitely craving some new Blood.