Luke sleeping the sleep of the deadEating a dead taun taun.

Hope it tastes better than it smells.

These photos are from Chris Tevas and his wife Julie’s beautiful wedding.  Chris is such a huge Star Wars nerd that he actually works as an artist for Lucasfilm (lucky duck!). At any rate, when it came time to order a grooms cake for his wedding reception, the couple tapped Courtney Clark of TLC’s Ultimate Cake Off to create this epicurean delight (?).

It was certainly one of the talks of the wedding evening. Older relatives were a bit confused, but the kids and our friends loved it! Courtney did an amazing job! My wife Julie and I are big Food Network nerds so we were geeked to hire her.

Chris and Julie have been married since 2009 and so far there have been no reports of him disappearing into a Sarlacc pit. Congratulations!

Photos by mod4.
Via Buzzfeed.