Jon Favreau - TweetGood news for the production of Cowboys and Aliens, Jon Favreau has managed to snag Harrison Ford for an as yet announced role. Favreau announced the news yesterday via his twitter account.  (sorry Jon, going to ignore that last request)

At any rate, Ford will be starring along side Daniel Craig, who took over from Robert Downey Jr., and Olivia Wilde as Zeke Jackson and Verity respectively.  The question is, will he be battling the alien invasion of late 1800’s Arizona along side of them, or will he be leading the charge as an invader.

Harrison Ford - Cowboys & AliensPersonally, I’m hoping he goes for an alien role. While playing a cowboy would be an obvious choice,  Ford rarely plays the baddie in a film (What Lies Beneath is the only film that comes to mind), it will be nice to see him switch it up a bit. And he’s got the kind of clout that would allow him to make that choice.

That being said, he hasn’t done a western since 1979’s The Frisco Kid with Gene Wilder, so he might be aching to put on a pair of chaps and strap on a six shooter.  We shall see.

Regardless of what role he plays, if he’s working with Favreau, we’re bound to get a great performance.

I haven’t read Cowboys & Aliens yet, but I found it online, so I’ll be giving it a gander and posting my speculation as to what role I would like to see Ford play.