Wow, Joss seems to be getting attached to movies left right an center.

Joss Whedon or Peter Sollet to direct The Runaways?
Last week I mentioned that Joss was on the short list of directors to helm The Avengers movie. Some people thought that was an April Fools day joke, but apparently it wasn’t. (I stand by my SQUEE!)

Today word comes that Joss is also in consideration to direct The Runaways – no, it doesn’t involve exploding cherries and Dakota Fanning prancing around in her underwear. The Runaways is a Marvel franchise launched in 2003 and was created by Brian K. Vaughn of Y: The Last Man. The book follows a group of teenagers who discover that their parents have super powers, and that they are not only super beings, they are super villains.

DRAMA! Talk about your generation gap!

At any rate, the kids and their pet dinosaur decide to take off and fight their ne’er do well parents, running into the likes of Cloak and Dagger (who need a movie of their own) and Captain America.

The RunawaysIt sounds like a lot of fun, and the type of property that would do well in Joss’ hands. As a matter of fact, Joss has written for the book in the past, so he’s well versed with The Runaway’s place in the Marvel-verse.

The only fly in the ointment is Peter Sollet, of Nick and Nora’s infinite playlist. Seems he’s eying the director’s chair himself and is also in consideration.

As much as I would love to see Joss get a Marvel movie property to call his very own, this might work out.  There currently is no writer attached to The Runaways, and that’s a role that he could easily step into.  This would leave Joss free to direct The Avengers.

I only have two words left however: Wonder Woman.  Please? (okay, that’s 3)

What do you think?