Veronica MarsThe idea of Veronica Mars living beyond the confines of its three season run on the CW network has been around since the teenage super-sleuth was pulled off the air.  There have been lots of ideas for a movie, she’s in the FBI, she’s the new sheriff in Neptune, she’s on the run, accused of killing Jake Kane.

Rob Thomas, the series creator was on board for the movie as well as Kristen Bell and Enrico Colantoni, but the idea never got off the ground.  From everything I’ve heard, the project was dead in the water as of 2009, when Bell said:

“I don’t think it will ever happen, and here’s why: [Series creator] Rob Thomas and I had a powwow, and we were both 100 percent on board. We took our proposal to Warner Bros. and Joel Silver told us that there is no enthusiasm [there] to make a Veronica Mars movie, and that is unfortunately a roadblock we cannot compete with.”

The sentiment was echoed by Thomas at the 2010 TCA Winter Press Tour. And that, it seemed was that.

Not so according to an article on today’s EW website. According to Thomas he still hopes to get the movie made:

“It’s not dead,” insists Thomas. “I continue to want to do it. It’s funny, because the rumors go around and around. Kristen Bell had said to somebody that I had written a script, and that wasn’t correct. I did have a treatment and a pitch, with which I went to Warner Bros. and [Mars producer] Joel Silver and said, ‘Here is the fastball version of the movie, the big studio version of the movie that I think we can make.’ And I think they did one of their brand-awareness surveys and were like, ‘We don’t know if we can make money with that.’ So it’s been back-burnered. But I still want to do it. I’m still happy to do it. We’re still looking into it.”

At this point I have to wonder if Rob Thomas is really just yanking on VM fans’ chains.  He pretty much drove a stake into Veronica’s heart back at the beginning of the year and now he insists it’s still beating? Plus it seems that he is still in the same financial situation that Bell described last year, they can’t get Warner Bros. to back the project. Nothing new there.

SKristen Bell as Veronica Marstill, it would be nice.  I would love for Veronica to kick Logan in his Abercrombie & Fitch and take off with Weevil into the sunset, but it looks like Thomas has other ideas:

“And doing ‘teen detective’ [is a] dicey proposition. But frankly, I think Veronica Mars as a 30-year-old noir detective at some point in the future would still be interesting to me.”

Regardless, I hope the fans get onto this and Firefly this baby into production so we get a really great Veronica Mars movie. Ausiello’s article has some suggestions for fan-action that hopefully will get the suits’ attention at Warner Bros. Maybe if enough people sign on, they’ll greenlight the project.