Anton Yelchin joins the cast of Fright NightWell, looks like the vampire craze isn’t about to slow down.

Dreamworks has announced that Anton Yelchin will be playing the role of Charlie Brewster in their remake of Fright Night.

I’m really excited about this remake.  I loved the 1985 original starring Roddy McDowell and Chris Sarandon, and you’d think after seeing the hash that’s been made out of Clash of the Titans, another favorite, I’d be feeling cynical about this one.

Truth is, I’m not.  Marti Noxon, who wrote some of the best BtVS episodes has written the script, and that alone gives this project a heck of a lot of cred. With the addition of Yelchin, a really solid young actor, I can tell that the studio is serious about making this not only a good movie, but a great one.  The next hurdle is the casting of the vampire Jerry Dandridge and vampire hunter Peter Vincent.  I’ve seen Lance Hendrickson or Robin Williams names bandied about as Peter Vincent, but my pick would be Ian McShane or Bill Nighy. As Jerry, I like Patrick Watson, but if I had my way, I’d like to cast either Clive Owen or Christian Bale, just to see those two play against type.

Besides, it would be nice to see Bale play something a little less somber for a change.  He’s about to develop perma-scowl soon. Imagine him doing this scene:

Who are your picks?