Oooh, look who had his photo taken with Sookie!

Alcide Herveaux

Love the wolf howling at the moon in the background!

That’s Alcide Herveaux, Sookie’s werewolf protector who is helping her search for Bill after he mysteriously disappeared at the end of season two.  Alcide is played by Joe Manganiello, formerly of One Tree Hill. He’s brought on board by Eric when Sookie begins her search for her missing lover.

And this being True Blood, we’re apparently going to get to see a lot of Alcide/Joe.  He’s already filmed his naked scenes for Alan Ball:

“He’s in crazy peak physical condition. He’s eating nothing but pure protein. And of course, this being True Blood, he’s already shot his first naked scene. Hello, werewolves when they shift — no clothes!”

Check out Ausiello at Entertainment Weekly for more deets.

In other spoiler-y news, the latest “Waiting Sucks” promo video has been released, this one featuring Tara and Franklin Mott

James Frain - Franklin MottFrom the looks of things, Tara’s storyline is not going to be following the one from the books.  In the novel, Tara begins to date Franklin Mott, who was a lot older (when he was alive) and more debonair than the Alan Ball incarnation. James Frain (The Tudors) is playing Franklin in the series, and he’s not how I pictured Franklin at all.  Plus, his and Tara’s relationship didn’t involve violence initially.

I’m really interested to see how the story plays out given Egg’s loss and Tara’s mistrust of vampires in general. Also, where will it take her.  Tara is already so damaged, will her relationship with Mott drag her even further under, or will it help her rise above and get her life back on track.  It’ll be interesting whichever the case.

And finally, Allan Ball has announced that he and the True Blood creative team will be collaborating with IDW publishing to launch a True Blood comic book.  Ball and show writers, including Elisabeth Finch and Kate Barnow are working with IDW writers David Tischman and Mariah Heuhner to develop the scripts.  The comic book series will be true to cannon, but will follow different storylines. Artists working on the book include David Messina from Joss Whedon’s Angel and J. Scott Campbell who draws Danger Girl.

Here’s the video of Alan Ball’s announcement at WonderCon:

The comic book will launch this upcoming July.