Sebastian Stan as BuckyRemember a few weeks ago, when I was bemoaning the slow pace Joe Johnston was taking in casting Captain America, I evaluated the list of potential Steve Rogers.  One of those candidates was Chance Bass, and while I didn’t think he could cut it, I did suggest he get the role of Bucky, Cap’s WWII sidekick.

Well, it seems I wasn’t far off, because another Gossip Girl alum has just been offered the role.  According to EW, Sebastian Stan, who plays Carter on the show, has been offered the role and has reportedly signed a 5 or 6 movie deal (a lot, until you consider Chris Evans contract involves something like 8 movies in total) with Marvel.

I don’t know about this. I’m still not sold on Chris Evans as Captain America, and frankly, Stan looks to be about the same age as Evans.  In the comics, I always got the impression Bucky was the plucky teenage sidedkick to Cap’s more experience adult hero.  But I have to admit, Hugo Weaving brings a lot of cred to any project so I’m not willing to give up on this yet.  I will remain optimistic.