Felicia DayFelicia recently dished to MTV about her hopes for the upcoming Dr. Horrible sequel that Joss Whedon, Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion have in the works:

“I can’t spoil anything, because I don’t know much more than Nathan [Fillion] or anyone else. I’ve heard there’s a title. That’s about it.”

Unfortunately, Felicia still doesn’t know what her role will be in the new project, but she wants in, even if that means working for craft services:

“I just think Joss doing ‘Dr. Horrible’ really legitimized web video in a way that nobody else could. That he could take this awesome thing directly to fans and have them support it — I want him to do more of it. I’ll do anything I can do to help.”

As for the story line, she hopes to see more of The Evil League of Evil:

“The Evil League of Evil is so interesting. I feel like there are so many antagonists and protagonists that you could play with,” she said. “If you look at that last final shot, there are so many crazy characters there — like Dead Bowie…”

You can read the rest of the interview at the MTV site.

But wait! There’s more….

In other Felicia related news, The Guild Mistress has announced the launch of an official spinoff!

Felicia has inked a deal with a ‘very prominent animation house’ (but we can’t tell you who it is due to the presence of the dreaded NDA) to create Lil’ Guildies for the web.  Described as a cross between The Guild and The Muppet Babies, the web based show will follow the adventures of the baby Guildies (including Embryonic Bladezz) as they travel through space, make music and solve crime?

“I thought a mainstream kids show for TV would be a disaster in that regard but they kept saying that they loved my sensibility and they really wanted me to do whatever I felt was true to the tone of the web series.”

Guild veteran Greg Aronowitz, prop master for Do You Want to Date My Avatar and creator of the hilarious bonus Christmas items from last year’s holiday bonus videos is on board as lead developer.

These should be an absolute blast.  The characters look hilarious and I just about blasted Coke through my nose when I saw Embryonic Bladezz. I just hope it doesn’t push back the launch of season 4. Find out more at Tubefilter News and at The Guild.

Congratulations Felicia!

PS. This had better not be an April Fools Day joke.