True Blood - Cup o' JoeThis made me squee like a Twi-Hard finding a lock of Robert Patterson’s hair.

Not only is it a poster for the best TV show on cable (see what I did there Gleeks?), but it’s so bloody clever! (ugg!  Sorry!) It’s exactly the type of wordplay that I love to see. I would kill to work on this campaign, it looks like it would be a lot of fun.  I probably would come back from work with enough puns to beat my DH into submission.  There are going to be twelve of these promo posters in all.  I can’t wait to see what comes next.

I also have two new production videos, one starring Sam, the other starring Eric.  Can’t wait to see Alcide!  I also hope they keep up with the music videos.  The two from last year featuring Bob Dillon and Depeche Mode were fantastic.

This provokes a lot of questions, like who is holding the rifle?  Is Sookie pointing the gun at Eric or at the person attacking Eric.  What is Eric up to anyway?  Why is Sam sleeping in his car?

Season Two is available on DVD/BlueRay on May 25th and the the new season premieres June 13.  Check out the new site.