And oh! Did we have fun!

Erin Gray aka Wilma DeeringI got to meet the totally fabu Erin Gray, aka Wilma Deering from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (both TV and the movie).  She was my absolute favorite when I was a kid, even more so than Princes Leia.  I know that’s a bit of a heretical statement considering how much I love Star Wars, but face it, Commander Deering piloted the Earth Defense Directorate Starfighters.  Leia was only ever a co-pilot.  Gil Gerrard was also supposed to be there, but I didn’t see him (I had *such* a crush!).

Ernie Hudson was also at the con, but there was such a large crowd around him, that I didn’t get a chance to ask him if he would be in the new Ghostbusters movie.  Another favorite that was there was Doug Jones.  I glimpsed him briefly on my way to the costume pageant that Elfkin was competing in, but he was gone by the time we got out. I spoke with some of the volunteers and they said both Ernie and Doug were a lot of fun and had some great stories. Next time!

On a totally unexpected note, I ran into Red and Jonny, the couple I blogged about a couple of weeks ago who wear Star Wars Stormtrooper helmets wherever they go.  They were totally sweet. Elfkin (the Pirate Grrrl!) and I posed with Red.  It was a blast.  If you’re reading this you two, keep it up.  I can’t wait to see more of your adventures.

Me, Elfkin and Red!The picture does not do Red’s dress any justice.

The Vampire ConspiracyI also ran into Marc Morgenstern, who directed The Vampire Conspiracy, which has just been turned into a a graphic novel.  Okay, I ask you, what do you do when you’re confronted by the director of one of the worst movies you have ever seen in your life and he asks you:  “So, what did you think?”

Do I say:  “It had an unforgettable vision.” or “Great ending, didn’t see it coming” or even better “I had a blast watching it.”

No, my mind goes blank and I make a gibbering idiot of myself. I think I insulted the poor guy.

I admit it.  I SUCK!

The movie has an interesting premise, I will give it that, but the execution is so horribly amateurish that it’s distracting.  Never mind the poor acting, dialogue, lighting, etc… There isn’t even buckets of gore to keep things interesting.

At any rate, he gave me a free copy of the graphic novel, which I will read, and then I’ll give the movie another go ’round.  I received it as a free screener when I was working at HMV, so I can watch it again as many times as I like, or use for torturing Twi-hards, whatever seems more appropriate.

The long and the short of it is, that DH and I had such a good time that we’re going to volunteer at Polaris 24 in July, but I have a sinking suspicion that DH is only doing it so he can bend Robert Sawyer’s ear.