Captain Jack HarknessNo, no, no and NO!

There’s talk that Fox is going to try and “de-gay” Jack Harkness for the American version of Torchwood.

Let’s get something straight (pardon the pun). Captain Jack is *not* gay!  He’s an equal opportunity sexual rogue.  It’s part of his charm, and if you take that away you take away a big part of what makes him so attractive.  It’s like telling Johnny Depp to play his Captain Jack sober – it doesn’t work.

John Barrowman (himself openly gay) isn’t happy about the idea either:

”I hope wherever [the franchise] goes that the show stays the same,” says the openly gay Scottish thesp. “The last thing I would want would be for Jack to become this heterosexual, straight hero. He’s an omnisexual guy. He likes men, women, aliens, whatever. I think we should continue going down that route.”

Besides, if they make Jack as straight as an arrow, we won’t have any of this awesomeness…

There still isn’t any solid backing for an American Torchwood, everything is in the preliminary stages, and there’s no guarantee that Barrowman will be playing Captain Jack, although he’s on record as wanting to do it:

“If I am asked to do Torchwood again, I will do it at the drop of a hat — whether it’s in America or back in Britain or if it’s for a film. I absolutely love Capt. Jack.”

The question is, if they can’t have a hetero Jack, will Fox back away from the show?