Hank Azaria is Gargamel!This makes me want to see the movie even more…

Hank Azaria has been tapped to play Gargamel in the upcoming Smurfs movies.  I think this is a brilliant casting move.  Azaria is a phenomenal voice actor, anybody who watches The Simpsons knows that, and he does great physical humor and really inhabits a character. Don’t believe me, watch The Birdcage – Agador is the reason for multiple viewings.    I wonder what he’ll do with the voice.  Will he try to imitate Philippe Dumat from the original series, or try to put a new twist on in.

In other casting news, Katy Perry will voice Smurfette, while Alan Cumming and George Lopez will play Gutsy and Grouchy Smurf respectively.  Papa Smurf will be voiced by Jonathan Winters.

Unfortunately, the rumors suggesting that Quentin Tarantino would play Brainy Smurf have been refuted.  That would have been a blast.

Like I said, I really wasn’t looking forward to this movie.  The Smurfs were too much of an integral part of my childhood for me to want to see it ruined.  The cast however (with the exception of Katy Perry, stunt casting if ever I saw it) is giving me hope.  Maybe I won’t be reluctant to accompany the kidlets to this one.

Production starts in April.