First Tron Legacy, now Robin Hood…..

I’ve haven’t heard a lot of good buzz about the upcoming Robin Hood movie starring Russel Crowe and Cate Blanchett, but the trailer hopefully will change that.  It will be nice to see both Crowe and director Ridley Scott springing back to form after the middling success of American Gangster and Body of Lies.

[EDIT:  Yes!  YouTube now has it up.  No need for the jump to Yahoo Movies, but they do have some extra content you might be interested in.]

The thing I find intriguing is that Maid Marian appears to become a more active player, picking up a bow and wearing armour in this version.  It’s interesting in terms of the character’s evolution.  Looking back to Kevin Costner’s version, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio’s portrayal, Marian starts out strong, defending herself and her home, but in the end wimps out and needs Robin to save her from the Sheriff.  Of course in earlier versions, Marian is nothing more than window dressing, prettying up the confines of Sherwood Forest and providing a reason for some daring do for Robin and his men, so any action on her part will be an improvement.  I’ll be interested to see how exactly her character develops throughout the film.