Who will be Captain AmericaI am not a patient person.  When people were lining up to receive their allotment of patience from the Almighty upon the day of their creation, I decided the line was too long and headed out for a chai.  As a result, I really get frustrated when the people around me are dithering.

Frankly, it pisses me off.

Marvel (aka Disney) is the current target of my ire.  Can we please get a decision as to who will play Steve Rogers in the upcoming Captain America movie?

I’m not so much a fan of Captain America as I am of The Avengers.  I *really* want to see that movie made.  It has so much potential to be completely awesome.  Think of the cast, Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Edward Norton as The Hulk, Sam Jackson as Nick Fury, Chris Helmsworth as Thor.  I’m getting a hot flash just thinking about it!  (Because of the TALENT!  Sheesh!)

So, what’s the hold up already?  It’s not like there isn’t a line-up of guys who would kill to play Cap.

MTV conducted a survey to find out who their fans wanted to play Captain America  and they posted the results yesterday.  Here’s who people wanted:

John Krasinski (“The Office”): 51%
Chace Crawford (“Gossip Girl”): 26%
Scott Porter (“Friday Night Lights”): 10%
Mike Vogel (“Cloverfield”): 8%
Michael Cassidy (“Smallville”): 3%

Here’s the link to the rest of the article: http://splashpage.mtv.com/2010/03/08/john-krasinski-favorite-captain-america-contender/

Option 1: John Krasinski

John KrasinskyJohn Krasinski – talented actor, great looking, I’ve loved him in everything I’ve seen him in.

I just don’t see him as Steve Rogers.  Frankly, I’d love to see him playing another key role in the Avengers – Hank Pym aka Giant Man/Goliath etc… I think he could pull off the brilliant but disturbed doctor quite well, and he’d be playing against type, which would be great!

Let’s take a look at the other potential Captains, shall we?

Chance Crawford Scott Porter
Chance Crawford Scott Porter
Okay, Chance is just too young.  And do you really want to place the responsibility of not one, but two movie franchises on the shoulders of the kid from Gossip Girl? But you know what? Lets throw him a bone.  He can play Bucky. Scott Porter isn’t bad – not bad at all.  He’s probably the best choice from the MTV list.  He’s tall, athletic, he’s definitely looks old enough.  The question is, does he have the gravitas to play a WWII vet who was encased in ice for 60 years only to wake up and find the world radically changed?
Mike Vogel Michael Cassidy
Mike Vogel Michael Cassidy
Mike definitely has the All American look of Steve Rogers, but he’s still too young.  I wouldn’t trust this kid to pick up milk on his way home from school let alone lead a team of super-powered beings to save the planet. Again!  Michael doesn’t look old enough to shave! He definitely wouldn’t be believable as Cap.  But, he does bear a resemblance to Scott Porter.  So, if he’s cast, why not have Michael play Steve before he takes the Super Soldier Serum?

And then, there’s my pick….

Option 2: Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander Skarsgard - The Perfect Captain AmericaBlond, blue eyed, athletic, he’s the perfect Captain America.

And as an added bonus, Alexander is a seasoned actor who can generate the gravitas required to play Steve Rogers.  Anyone who’s seen him on True Blood knows he can handle any emotion, any scene.  And given that whoever plays Captain America will have to go toe to toe with incredibly talented people like Robert Downey, Ed Norton and Sam Jackson, whoever plays him has got to be up to their caliber as an actor.

Marvel cannot go with an unknown here.  Like I said earlier, two franchises rest on the shoulders of whoever plays Captain America, they cannot afford a reboot, so they have to get the right man for the job.

And I think Alexander Skarsgard would fit the bill.

I also think it’s criminal that Alexander wasn’t cast as Thor, but when that happened, the rumor mill was spinning that it was because he was going to be offered this role.

Given all that, maybe I do understand why The Powers That Be are taking their time.  What do you think?

UPDATE: According to cinemaspy.com, Dane Cook has auditioned for the role of Captain America.

Cook just updated his Twitter account, saying as follows: “I’m minus 7% body fat now, bones replaced w/lightweight scandium alloy! Had to get shredded for Captain America audition and standup tour.”

I think Hitler sums up my feelings quite succinctly:

What the hell is Joe Johnston thinking?

Read the rest of the article here.