Logan Lerman as Peter Parker, aka Spiderman?Interesting rumors floating around the Interwebs today.

It was reported early this morning that Marc Webb had found his Peter Parker for the upcoming Spiderman reboot.  News was that Logan Lerman, lately of Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, was going to pull on the red and blue pyjamas and start swinging around NYC.

“Not so fast!”,said Sony.  According to the studio, no decision has been made regarding any of the cast as of yet.  They aren’t even in negotiations with anyone!

Better let Logan know, supposedly he’s been talking about the role as if he’s in the running, which according to Sony, he’s not.

I don’t know though, he looks like a good fit for a young Peter Parker, and he’s a vet – he’s been acting since he was 8.  He’s only 18, so there’s a good bet he’ll be up for an extensive franchise. I haven’t seen him in anything yet – I want to take Scotia to see Percy Jackson on March Break – so I’m not sure how good an actor he is.  Anyone taking on the role will have some pretty big shoes to fill.  Tobey Maguire really inhabited the role of Peter Parker.

What do you think? Who should play Peter Parker/Spiderman in the reboot?

In other interesting casting news….

Neil Patrick Smurf?This elicited a ginormous WTF out of me?  Doctor Horrible as a SMURF?  I’ve been waffling between “How cool is that?” and “What is the world coming to?” ever since I heard this tidbit.

Well, Neil Patrick Harris is *NOT* playing a Smurf.  Apparently he’s playing the live action lead – an expectant father who’s life gets complicated when he stumbles onto the Smurf village.

I love the Smurfs.  I read all the books in French when I was little.  I remember being so excited to go see “La flûte à six schtroumpfs” (The Magic Flute for you non Frenchies), but I’m really not feeling the love for this movie.  Maybe if NPH was playing Gargamel, now that I could get down with.  I guess I’m just worried that a beloved piece of my childhood is going to go the way of The Chipmunks – un-funny, soulless money making machines.

Or maybe I’m just becoming a curmudgeon in my old age.

The other thing is that I don’t want to see NPH’s career follow the same path as Brendan Frasier.  Going from The Mummy to schmaltzy kid friendly fare like Furry Vengeance and Inkheart.  That would not be good.

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