Anyone want a peanut?One of the fun things about being a mom, particularly a geeky mom, is sharing well loved experiences with your little ones.

DH and I did that this weekend, re-watching The Princess Bride with our three kids.  Our two older girls have seen it with us before, but it was the first time for The Goober (aged 3).  Predictably, he loved the sword fights and the R.O.U.S.s.  Actually, loved doesn’t describe it.  He was enraptured, staring open mouthed at the screen.

The girls favorite character is of course, Buttercup.  My three favorites are Inigo, Vizzini and Max.  Goober, of course marches to his own drum and decided that Fezzik was by far the best character in the movie.

Which explains why he was running through the house this morning, in his Spiderman underoos yelling:  “Anyone want a peanut?’